Election Recount Volunteer Message from our Chair Jan Peabody


I’m reaching out to you this morning regarding the Election recount that was filed yesterday by Jill Stein.

The Michigan Republican Party has contacted me and is asking for volunteers to help with the recount.

This recount effort is unfortunately going to cost Michigan taxpayers lots of money.

If you are able to help with this process with any time you may have, please contact the Michigan Republican Party via email or phone per the directions below or myself via email at jpeabody27@hotmail.com or at 810-441-5029.

What You Can Do:

The Michigan Republican Party is the only entity organizing for this recount. Interested volunteers can sign up to help by visiting http://migop.org/recount. We are in need of organizers to act as Volunteer Captains and Deputy Volunteer Captains. Please email us with contact information if you know of someone in your county who can dedicate multiple days, is reliable and trustworthy, and who has a talent for organizing people.  We are working hand in hand with the Trump campaign and the RNC so that all sign ups flow to the same organizing team. If interested volunteers have any questions, please direct them to contact the Michigan Republican Party by emailing recount@migop.org or calling (517)487-5413.

Please forward this email to any Republican family members or  friends that you feel would be interested in helping in any area in Michigan. 

As Republicans lets all do what we can to help with this effort to confirm the Trump Victory in Michigan!


Jan Peabody

Chairman, Lapeer County Republican Party