News from the Office of State Rep. Gary Howell – Reappointed Chair

Howell reappointed chair of House natural resources committee

LANSING, Mich. — State Rep. Gary Howell, of North Branch, has been named chair of the powerful House Committee on Natural Resources for a second consecutive term.

“Michigan’s natural resources are among the most remarkable in the world, including our vast freshwater reserves. I am eager to continue my work on policies that will keep our forests, lakes and streams safe and available to families and outdoor enthusiasts across the state,” said Howell, who will lead the committee for the 2019-20 legislative term. “The safety and security of our land and water has been a topic of both statewide and national conversation. I look forward to the opportunity to tackle a number of important natural resource policy issues in the upcoming term.”

During the last legislative term, Howell established himself as a leader in improving statutes and regulations protecting Michigan’s natural resources. He has sponsored successful legislation to strengthen landfill standards as well as adopting the first DNR public land use strategy in state history. Howell was also noted for his efforts to roll back regulations that hindered volunteer organizations from restoring local wetlands. As a result, Howell was named “2018 Legislator of the Year” by both Ducks Unlimited and Michigan United Conservation Clubs.

Howell will also serve as a member of the House Committees on Local Government, Transportation, and Judiciary during this term.