Lapeer PAC

Welcome to the Lapeer GOP Political Action Committee (PAC) Page

The Lapeer GOP Political Action Committee welcomes you to our webpage, designed to encourage and support those who may be interested in running for elected office as a conservative Republican.  On these pages you will find links to key information candidates need to know as they consider running.  You will see links to Michigan Secretary of State Election data including detail about getting started as a candidate, filing requirements, key election dates, forming candidate campaign organizations and financial reporting.  Similar election information from Lapeer County is also linked; additionally there are links to our PAC information including request for assistance forms, our Bylaws, and other pertinent election information such as available open offices, contact information, meetings, etc.

While the Lapeer GOP PAC will provide encouragement, general information and guidance, prior to the Primary Elections, we will not provide direct support, specific assistance or funding. After the Primary is complete, candidates will need to fill out and submit the request for assistance from providing as complete and detailed requests tied into the candidates General Election campaign.  The more detailed the request submission is the better the PAC can evaluate the request and determine level of support.  Items to be included would include requests for workers, breakdown of proposed expenditures, how assistance fits into the timing and strategy of the campaign and the like.

Our mission is to provide information and support to elect Republican candidates.  As you use our site, let us know your comments; we welcome all feedback to help improve this effort.  The upcoming 2018 elections will include statewide offices, county offices, and local school boards.  This will be the first year that school board candidates are part of the General Election, improving candidate chances.  We sincerely hope your find our site useful and hope to assist you in choosing and running for elected office.

Please utilize the information provided on the website and/or contact the committee via the following methods listed below;

  • email:
  • Phone: (810) 441-2057

Important links and printable forms;

  • 2019 PAC Request Form – This form will be updated soon