Statement regarding resignation of Todd Courser

LAPEER – The Lapeer County Republican Party, and its members, have turned the page on a dark chapter in our community’s history. The resignation of former State Representative Todd Courser is not a cause for celebration, but rather a time to set aside the negativity that has befallen our county over the past several weeks. Today is a day to move forward, knowing our State government can now get on with the important business at hand.

We are thankful to the members of the House of Representatives for doing what is best for the citizens of Lapeer County and of our great State. It’s now time to ensure that Lapeer County has a respectable and honorable voice in Lansing. To that regard, the Lapeer County Republican Party looks forward to the upcoming November 3rd primary and March 8th general election so we can put this terrible situation behind us and begin focusing on the issues to move our County and State forward.